Intense Pulsed Light Pro

Good bye shaving. Welcome smoothness.

Hair removal. With Light. At Home.

Welcome to the long lasting hair removal revolution! Mandy Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Pro help you achieve silky smooth skin without razors, wax or painful epilators. Our gentle pulses of light target the hair roots, putting them into a resting phase. This means the visible hair falls out, and over time, less hair grows back in that area.

Convenient and long lasting hair removal

1. Prepare your skin

User your last set of razors to shave your desirable body part in order to expose the hair root. Do not forget to cancel your subscription for razors if you have one!

2. Apply light

The MandySkin IPL Pro will detect skin tone and desirable light automatically. Doing your legs usually take up to 5 minutes. In total. The complete body?! Only 20 minutes, you daredevil.

3. Repeat for a couple of weeks

Poor some lotion on the treatment area to stay moisturised. Remember that IPL is not permanent from the first treatment. After a couple of sessions you'll start seeing great results. In about 12 weeks (depending on hair thickness) you'll be hair free and care free.

Épilation durable

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