Permanent hair removal with Mandy IPL Pro

The most affordable and convenient solution to be hair free and care free

Laser & light is the superior hair removal procedure

Removing unwanted hair has been around for more than thousand years. There are plenty of hair removal procedures, some are cheap and and some expensive; Frequent shaving that irritates your skin, painful waxing or epilators, or expensive treatments at beauty saloons to just name a few.

Around 25 years ago, hair removal with laser and light was introduced. As technology evolves, quality improves and costs decline. Today, hair removal with laser and light, also known as Intense Pulse Light (IPL), is not only for high-end beauty saloons. It is another affordable add-on to your beauty routine at home for permanent hair removal.

Permanent results after 12 weeks

The benefits with Mandy IPL Pro

Smooth permanent results

The obvious - Hair free and care free. High maintenance to stay low maintenance. With Mandy IPL Pro you get long lasting smoothness at a beauty saloon standard. At home. Less shaving, more saving.

Save money & time

Compared to the average beauty saloon prices, Mandy IPL Pro can save you thousands of euros*. Not only do you save money directly, you'll also save time without hassling with appointments.

*The average saloon charges ~€300 for larger body parts per session. You usually need betweem 4-6 sessions.

Money back guarantee

Based on thorough R&D and our high customer satisfaction, we are confident that you'll be hair free and care free with Mandy IPL Pro. So confident that we offer money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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Mandy testimonials

I'm so happy with Mandy IPL Pro, I've been using it now for three weeks and I'm actually starting to see results. Loving the automatic feature where I do not need to adjust intense or click the button to activate, it does it for me!


It is great. Have been using it for 5 weeks now and the hair growth has been reduced a lot already, so happy!