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Mandy IPL
Mandy IPL

Mandy IPL

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Introducing Mandy IPL, the revolutionary hair-removal solution that brings professional-quality results right to your home. Designed for simplicity and safety, Mandy IPL utilizes the same trusted technology favoured by professionals, ensuring a pain-free experience on all body parts, including the face and bikini line. 

  • Long-lasting results: Slows hair regrowth for smoother skin.
  • Gentle on skin: Say goodbye to ingrown hairs and cuts.
  • Durable and reliable: Over 10 years of proven effectiveness.

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1. Shave the area

Shave the are that you want to remove hair from. Make sure you do not wax before usage, since it will remove the hair root from the follicle.

2. Select intensity

Select desired Intensity Level on you Mandy IPL. The first sessions we recommend you to start on a lower intensity level and increase later.

3. Aim the device

Place the device square against the area that you want to get treated. Press the button and place the device on the next area.

4. Moisturize

We recommend you to moisturize the treated areas after the completed treatment.

  • Mandy IPL Device
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Before & After

Before & After


Fast delivery and it felt luxurious to open this nice package! I have used it 4 times already and I already notice that the hair has completely disappeared in some areas.


Its very easy to use and painless,

I saw after 2 weeks of use

that my hair growed slower✨🙌🏻

Marigona T.

I have already used my Mandy Skin 4 times and I am thrilled!!! I had hair on my belly button and used it 2 times and now I don't have any hair growing there anymore!


Satisfaction guarantee

We are so sure that you will be happy with Mandy IPL that we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you don't see any results you will get your money back.

Mandy IPL

Mandy has revolutionized hair-removal and become a huge success that thousands of people across the globe use to get hair-free. The product is designed for home usage and specifically made to be simple to use.

Efficient hair removal

Mandy makes the hair grow out slower, thinner and less for each treatment until you are rid of the hair. You no longer have to worry about ingrown hairs, bleeding skin, the pain and burns that razors and waxing normally give. Your skin will thank you!


IPL as a technology works best on darker hair colors. People with lighter hair colors such as red, gray and very blond (white) hair, we advise not using IPL as a hair removal method. This is because very light hair does not contain enough melanin to carry light down to the root, while red hair contains another type of melanin that does not respond as well to IPL treatments.

It is possible to see results with blond hair, but more treatments may be needed than for people with darker hair before results can be achieved.

While IPL treatment is an easy, effective hair removal method for some, it unfortunately isn’t suitable for darker tones of skin. This is because melanin pigments aren’t just in our hair – they’re also present in the skin, too.

Darker skin contains more melanin than fair skin. If you use some IPL devices onto melanin-rich, dark skin, the IPL could transfer heat energy onto the skin cells, causing discoloration.

You should not use the device directly on tattoos since the dark inc attracts the light energy. This can cause a skin reaction and blistering. Please go around your tattoos.

We recommend that you use your Mandy IPL once a week for the first 12 weeks. Once that period is completed once a month for the coming 3 months. To maintain the result we recommend you to use your Mandy IPL every 2-3 months or as needed. IPL is effective in the growing phase of the hair cycle, and therefore using it more than once a week is unnecessary.

You can use Mandy Skin IPL on all parts of your body.Remember to always close your eyes if you use IPL on your face and you should avoid using your IPL on extra-sensitive areas such as the genitals, nipples, or anus.