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The MandySkin story.

It all started with an inconvenient and expensive laser hair removal appointment in 2019 in Sweden.

Not only was it difficult to find a time that fitted the work life balance, but an appointment that was very costly. Just for my legs. Sick and tired of shaving regularly or using painful procedures with wax or epilators, I decided that the industry needed a change.

Consequently, the brand MandySkin was born, with the vision to challenge the beauty industry in its conventional ways. Since then, the brand has evolved into becoming more than the challenger – MandySkin has become the caring beauty brand with high quality products that walks the extra mile for our community.

Our mission.

Long lasting beauty at home

Convenience combined with beautiful designed technology is at heart at MandySkin. We believe that you should never be ashamed who you are, what you look like or what techniques you use to stay confident. We believe beauty should be done by you, with simple procedures, when and where you want.

Affordable high-end quality

There are million beauty procedures out there today. Some are very expensive. We want to challenge that. Technology is becoming cheaper by the day. For example, why pay +€300 for one IPL procedure when you can have unlimited procedures at home with Mandy IPL Pro at home? The easy answer is to buy an Mandy IPL Pro.

High maintenance to stay low maintenance

We believe that beauty should be as non repetitive as possible. In other words, we believe in investing time and effort more seldom, to get long lasting result without jeopardising your safety - so you can focus on living your confident life.

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