Mandy IPL 2.0 UK-plug hair removal


Mandy IPL 2.0 will make your IPL hair removal treatment even faster, safer and easier. This device is created with high-quality materials, technology and user experience. With the high-tech skin sensor, the device determines which intensity level that is optimal for you and gives you the most efficient treatment possible.

Mandy IPL 2.0 UK-plug hair removal

Next generation at-home IPL hair removal

Are you tired of razor bumps and stubble?
Mandy 2.0 is a market leading IPL hair removal used by more than 100.000 people. The best at-home alternative of IPL hair removal.

skin sensor

The sensors automatically adjust the treatment for your unique skin. Personalized treatments for excellent results and a smooth skin.

Smooth skin with IPL

smooth skin

With continued use, it leads to long lasting hair reduction. The light targets the melanin in the hair follicle, which breaks the cycle of hair re-growth.

salon-like luxury

An experience and technology that was previously only matched by the salons. Get affordable salon-smooth skin at home.

Built for

Treat your entire body in less than 20 minutes. We've made Mandy 2.0 one of the fastest devices with up to 100 flashes per minute. And a bigger flash window.

Face hair removal
Hair removal under the arms

Satisfaction guarantee

We are so sure that you will be happy with Mandy IPL 2.0 that we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you don't see any results you will get your money back.





What is IPL and how does it work?

Mandy is built on the technology "IPL" (Intense Pulse Light) that puts the hair growth to sleep by utilizing warm and gentle light. Our users typically see a lasting hair reduction after only four treatments.

Technology, design and usability in a premium experience

Mandy 2.0
How-to instructions

The easy steps of Mandy IPL hair removal

You will see visible reduction of hair after only 3-4 sessions. After 12 treatments you will see complete results.

1. Shave the area

Shave the are that you want to remove hair from. Make sure you do not wax before usage, since it will remove the hair root from the follicle.

2. Select intensity

Select desired Intensity Level on you Mandy IPL. The first sessions we recommend you to start on a lower intensity level and increase later.

3. Aim the device

Place the device square against the area that you want to get treated. Press the button and place the device on the next area.

4. Mosturize

We recommend you to moisturize the treated areas after the completed treatment.


Mandy can be used on the whole body, including the face and bikini line/Brazilian. The treatment does not hurt. You decide the intensity level with the press of a button.

Mandy IPL works best on darker hair colors. People with lighter hair colors such as red, gray and very blond (white) hair, we advise not using IPL as a hair removal method. This is because very light hair does not contain enough melanin to carry light down to the root, while red hair contains another type of melanin that does not respond as well to IPL treatments.

It is possible to see results with blond hair, but more treatments may be needed than for people with darker hair before results can be achieved.

IPL works well on all skin colors except the very darkest. Please see the color table in our FAQ for a clear overview.

You should not use the device directly on tattoos since the dark inc attracts the light energy. This can cause a skin reaction and blistering. Please go around your tattoos.

Mandy Skin only uses the best and most safe IPL technology. It is clinically tested and dermatologically approved by the leading international organization "Skin Health Alliance". Mandy Skin only works with the highest quality materials and is CE certified. It is safe and easy to use at home.

Most of our customers see clear results in 3-4 weeks. You will see the full results after about 12 weeks usage.

Our mission in to give you the best possible consumer experience. An important step in this process, is to give you a fast and smooth delivery. Wherever you live. Each week we deliver our products to thousands of customers World-Wide, which has pushed us to always keep the highest service level and customer satisfaction.

Shipping cost

Mandy offers all customers free shipping!

Shipping time

All orders are shipped out from our warehouse within 24 hours of ordering.

Delivery time

This is the time that it normally takes for the product to reach your address. International delivery normally takes 15-30 working days.

Extra costs

No extra costs, such as toll or VAT will be added on orders within Europe and US. The price that you pay in our check-out is the full- and whole price.

Designed with care, for you and the environment

The unique packaging made from molded sugarcane and bamboo pulp is 100% Recyclable, Renewable & Bio-degradeable. Designed in Sweden.


  • Mandy 2.0 IPL Device
  • Long power cable
  • Premium linen bag
  • Quick start guide
  • Box for storage

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