Mandy Instant Hydration Boost Mask 3-pack


With the Mandy Instant Hydration Boost Mask you will see results in minutes which makes it perfect as that last minute touch up to get the glow you want.

What do the ingredients do?

• Peony flower increases the ELASTICITY
• Ceramide has a MOISTURIZING effect
• Glycosyl Trehalose has a SOOTHING effect

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Mandy Instant Hydration Boost Mask 3-pack


The sheet mask with an instant elasticity enhancing effect and soothing formula

Mosturizing sheet mask
The plumping formula with Peony flower, Ceramide and Glycosyl Trehalose fits all skin types. With its moisturizing, elasticity enhancing and soothing formula, our Instant Hydration Boost Mask gives you instant results of moisturized and luminous skin.

The effects of the formula
• Skin elasticity elevation with 24%
• Skin hydration increase with 20%
• Skin brightness elevation with 15%
• Skin redness decrease with 26%

How to apply your sheet mask

1. Take out the mask and gently unfold. Make sure to wash your face to remove make-up or other products.

2. Apply the mask onto face, and adjust the mask to perfectly fit your face.

3. Leave the mask on for 15-20 min to allow the actives to penetrate your skin.

4. Remove the mask and gently massage until any remaining essence is fully absorbed.

FAQ need to know

Mandy can be used on the whole body, including the face and bikini line/Brazilian. The treatment does not hurt. You decide the intensity level with the press of a button.

Mandy IPL works best on darker hair colors. People with lighter hair colors such as red, gray and very blond (white) hair, we advise not using IPL as a hair removal method. This is because very light hair does not contain enough melanin to carry light down to the root, while red hair contains another type of melanin that does not respond as well to IPL treatments.

It is possible to see results with blond hair, but more treatments may be needed than for people with darker hair before results can be achieved.

IPL works well on all skin colors except the very darkest. Please see the color table in our FAQ for a clear overview.

You should not use the device directly on tattoos since the dark inc attracts the light energy. This can cause a skin reaction and blistering. Please go around your tattoos.

Mandy Skin only uses the best and most safe IPL technology. It is clinically tested and dermatologically approved by the leading international organization "Skin Health Alliance". Mandy Skin only works with the highest quality materials and is CE certified. It is safe and easy to use at home.

Most of our customers see clear results in 3-4 weeks. You will see the full results after about 12 weeks usage.

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