Mandy Rotate Cleanse

Efficiently cleanses your skin and removes dead skin cells

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✔︎ Deep cleansing that removes make-up, impurities and dead skin

✔︎ Increases blood circulation, which leads to increased glow

✔︎ Reduces excessive oil and prevents break-outs

✔︎ Includes ultra hygienic silicone head

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Mandy Rotate Cleanse

89,00 54,00

The most effective way to thoroughly cleanse the skin

Mandy Rotate Cleanse is a tool for facial cleansing with a rotating head. Mandy Rotate Cleanse comes with multiple heads for different functions such as deep cleansing, massage, makeup removal. This tool helps you to thoroughly cleanse the skin from dirt, oil, tallow, makeup residue & dead skin. A stand is included with a built-in charger and blue light that cleans and kills bacteria on the cleaning head. Mandy Rotate Cleanse helps you achieve a much deeper result than manual cleansing and increases blood circulation with massage functions that give your skin extra radiance.

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