Wondering if the Mandy IPL 2.0 is the right choice for you? We hear you. A treatment so intimate and delicate as hair removal should give you nothing but certainty. Whether you already had an old IPL at home, or you are new in this department, we are here to solve all your doubts about why this device will make your life easier, simpler, better… and yes, even longer!   1- UNIQUE, HIGH-QUALITY, SCANDINAVIAN DESIGN The saying goes that Scandinavian design pursues both functional and aesthetical excellence. The Mandy IPL 2.0 is the love child of our Swedish designer’s know-how and our willingness to do better. Developed in-house from scratch, it is the result of a long, thoughtful journey that started off with the first sketches in our headquarters and led to an innovative and exclusive epilation handset for domestic use. It was not an easy challenge: to deliver to you the best-looking IPL device on the market, without compromising performance, quality, or usability. Our designer went in-depth into every single component, taking into account both efficiency purposes and aesthetic ones. Not only is this new IPL painless, safe, and easy to use. It also displays a smooth curve shape in the likes of an inviting, feminine silhouette. Either dark as night, or white as a snowflake, it has an elegant design that turns the latest beauty technology into a luxurious gadget for your home. If this was not enough, the IPL will soon be available in a pale rose tone – and you know they say pink is the season’s favorite. You talked, and we listened. With a customer-first approach, we strived to combine state-of-the-art technology, a vision for affordable luxury, and your personal feedback to make the premium hair removal experience available to everyone. But what exactly is distinctive about it?

    2- ATTENTION TO DETAIL FOR OPTIMAL EXPERIENCE Perfection is in the details. That is what distinguishes the Mandy IPL 2.0 from other devices: the special attention we paid to all features. From the ergonomic shape and customizable modes to elegant packaging and curated user manual, it all adds up to bringing the most sophisticated treatment to your hands. We strategically included 5 IPL intensity levels and 2 intensity modes to suit your needs at any time. You can choose the ‘manual’ mode to adjust the strength of the flashes. This gives you the chance to familiarise yourself with the method, going at your own pace in testing how different parts of your body respond to the warmth of the pulses. Otherwise, the ‘auto’ mode will do that for you: it will automatically emit wavelengths at the recommended intensity according to your skin. In any case, the flashes emitted are warm, thus it is widely comfortable even to more sensitive areas and all skin colors. You were worried about the device getting heated, so we worked on the fan to be stronger, and added a gap for hotness dissipation. Thanks to this optimized technology, the Mandy IPL 2.0 is able to stay cool for the whole duration of your session. This low operating temperature enables a faster treatment as well: this means it will take you even less to go through your epilation. At a rate of 1-2 flashes per second, you can treat your entire body in 20 minutes. Did you know it is actually one of the fastest devices on the market? Our IPL was also developed to easily reach all your body parts equally as easily: the angled handle allows you to hold the device in many different ways, and the flash button and mode changes are accessible to locate as you move along. This makes for a frictionless and pleasant experience – enjoyable even for newcomers. Last but not least, the Mandy IPL 2.0 comes with a built-in cord power supply (EU plug). You may be wondering, how does that help me? It overcomes the inconvenience of running out of battery in the middle of your session, leaving you with one leg half-haired, half-bare. Granted, it could become a trend if you were an IT girl – but how much easier life becomes when you get uninterrupted treatment at the highest capacity, all the time! That being said, the most important aspect that we addressed was for the IPL to be…   3- SAFE AND TAILORED TO YOUR OWN BODY Our Mandy IPL 2.0 is safe and painless to use from the comfort of your own home – and it can be applied on ALL body parts*,  including your face and bikini line. The technology it uses has been clinically tested and dermatologically approved by the leading international organization “Skin Health Alliance”. Moreover, MandySkin only works with the highest quality materials and is CE certified. This means you can unleash your inner esthetician with the certainty it is 100% reliable. You might even want to light some candles and enjoy a worry-free spa session, while you are at it! You are always asking whether the IPL is suitable for all skin colors. While it was created with inclusivity in mind, we do not believe in a one-fits-all method. Each body is different and reacts differently. That is why we have designed this IPL to be tailored to your own shades of skin: the ‘automatic mode’  comes with 2 skin tones sensors that determine the optimal intensity level for you specifically. All you need to do is hold the IPL against your skin and start the treatment. Therefore, does the IPL work on darker skin? Yes, except for the darkest shade. If you have brunette skin or sand-colored skin, this device is still the perfect fit for you. It may just take longer to produce visible results, due to the light-based technology behind it, that targets the hair follicles as it distinguishes them from the derma. Should you still be wondering “what skin tone do I have?”, you can always find a clear chart on our FAQ page, or ask our team, which is always open to guide you through. *Excluding intimate areas and around the eyes.   4- MADE WITH CARE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT We are a caring beauty brand, and we know that you are caring as well. From the very beginning, we wanted to have a positive impact on our environment and reduce our carbon footprint. This led us to use materials such as molded sugarcane and bamboo pulp, for our packaging to be 100% renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable. To achieve the white color of the box, we also opted not to use any bleach at all. The cherry on top: the packaging is meant to work as a stand for the product. This way it keeps adding value throughout the product’s lifetime, instead of being thrown away. But that’s not all. On average, a person who shaves daily goes through 40 to 50 disposable razors a year, that is, over 2,400 in a lifetime[1]. Wax strips account for a careless amount of paper and plastic waste. Instead, our IPL device is designed to endure over time, which is the greater source of sustainability. With a lamp tube life of 300,000 flashes, you will be able to have it running for +10 years, and by then… all of your unwanted hair will be long gone.     5- CONVENIENT FOR YOUR TIME… AND POCKET! Other than being environmentally responsible, the Mandy IPL 2.0 is time & cost-effective, as it allows you to get rid of the undesired veil for good in the span of a few months. This entails you can say goodbye to endless visits to the salon, and the dreaded shaving sessions every other day. With little maintenance using the same device you already have in your drawer, you will sport long-lasting hairless skin at zero added cost. Remember that it has over 10 years of longevity – it will virtually become a member of your family! You often ask us: “can I use IPL every week? How many times a week?” Not only you can, but you should also use it once a week for the first three months. If you follow the recommended course of treatment, you will start seeing results after only 4 sessions… and at your 12th session, all of your unwanted hair will be gone. Again, not all skin tones and hair colors have the same response, so keep in mind that timings may slightly vary. Overall, it does not take mathematical skills to grasp the benefit of a one-time investment in the Mandy IPL 2.0 in comparison to other veil removal methods.   In conclusion… We spend 72 days shaving our legs over the course of a lifetime – that’s 1,728 hours. We also spend countless times deciding whether to go to that last-minute beach plan or if that outfit looks good on us because it is too revealing. We think you should be able to choose what you want to share about yourself, and not bear with something that limits you if it is something you don’t desire. With the Mandy IPL 2.0, you can decide if and when to stop your hair growth and dedicate your time to what’s more important to you. So, if we gave you the chance to have this time back and still have smooth, hairless, glowing skin… would you not take it?   Text written by Lucia Leoni Amat