About Mandy

MandySkin is a Beauty Tech company that is working to improve the beauty industry.

We are working hard to change the beauty industry by mixing technology and traditional beauty products – to help push the industry to the next level.

Mandy was founded with the idea to change an industry that has looked very much the same for a very long time. And at the same time change people’s life to the better. We do this by utilizing innovation and technology, while at the same time trying to offer products that look amazing.

The company is run from our office in Barcelona, Spain. Thank you for following our journey!


Founded in 2018
Office in Barcelona, Spain


Happy customers


Customer rating

“Design. Innovation. Technology. These are our founding principles.”

Mandy Skin

“Thank you for being part of our growing journey! We work as hard as we can to make you happy, while at the same time trying to change the beauty industry to the better. It is our promise you to make our best to provide the best service and innovative high-quality products.”