How to get a summer look all year round with Mandy TanMist!

How to get a summer look all year round with Mandy TanMist!

There is no arguing that life is simply better during summer. Days get longer, the air smells like sunscreen, you can have ice cream for breakfast… and your skin has that effortless, glowing tan!

As soon as autumn comes, we are merely left with a pale complexion and grey skies. But we have the secret recipe to make that vacation bronze last a little longer, and we want to share it with you.

Here are some easy steps to achieve that sun-kissed look all year round:

Aim for a glowing, natural-looking tan

Forget about the tangerine foundation, bronzer powder, or those tanning lotions taken straight out of a Halloween movie. A quick fix is only good for a short period of time. A night out may help you temporarily get over your ex or forget about that problem at work, but it won’t last in the long run. You should target the roots to trigger your beloved summer organic tan.

Our Mandy Tanmist is a spray-on formula that, as it interacts with your skin, progressively gives you an even-looking bronze, without stains or stickiness… just like the very one you get when you sunbathe. The technology behind it is based on an active tanning ingredient called “dihydroxyacetone” or DHA, the most avant-garde component of tanning recipes. When applied to the proteins (keratins) located in the upper layers of the epidermis, it sets off a reaction whereby your skin stains darker until you get the desired coloration.

It simply activates a natural process, so it is a non-invasive treatment

Pre-game with skincare & exfoliation

You can always apply a spray tan on the go, but our pro tip when it comes to maximizing the effects of a flawless faux bronze is to have a clean, fresh face prior to applying the product!

Using skincare devices such as the Mandy VibraCleanse or the Mandy Dermabrasion will help you have a clear canvas onto which the bronzing solution will be better absorbed, preventing impurities from disrupting that even look we want to achieve.

Having that cleansed canvas, you will be able to apply your sun mist tan express drops onto your skin in a few seconds and see the results in less than 1hr express! Our TanMist has been optimized for rapid absorption, so you will see how it quickly dries and starts producing results leaving no stickiness at all.

Tailor the tan to YOUR skin

We have covered it over and over, but we are not afraid to repeat it: each skin is different! When self-bronzing, choose a spray tan: they are easier to use and to experiment with. Allow yourself the time to discover how different tanning tones affect your pH, and which is the one that adjusts better to that summer organic tan you want to achieve.

That’s another reason why we love this sunless tanning water spray at MandySkin. The steam technology it uses allows you to regulate the tan degree yourself as you apply the formula to your skin. You will see how the skin increasingly becomes more bronzed and be able to assess, over time, the amount of product that gives you the desired outcome.

The cherry on top: it can be filled with 3 color intensities depending on the needs of your skin shade and the desired tone – either light, medium, or dark. You can always order a different filling here.

Nurture your skin with minerals and vitamins

You know that saying that goes, your inside beauty is reflected on your outside? It works the same for your tan! You should take care of your skin with nutrients to keep it hydrated, as hydration extends the durability of the treatment. This will help you not only the formula to adhere better to your skin, but also to achieve that effortless glow that comes from healthy skin!

No worries, you do not need to increase your daily dosage of fruits to have a flawless “fake” tan: our Mandy Tanmist is already rich in minerals and vitamins that enhance the benefits of the treatment to take care of your derma beyond just the looks.

That’s not all: the liquid formula also contains aloe vera for healing properties. Did you know that this plant has antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic qualities? Therefore, as you get yourself that enviable glowing color, you will be at the same time preventing the emergence of infections, itching, and redness, and contributing to curing pre-existing wounds such as sunburn.

As if it wasn’t enough, this is a sunless tanning water spray. As insignificant as water sounds, it prevents the spray from drying the skin to give you that smooth, moisturized texture.

Go beyond just the looks: bring back the summer scent

The summer tan is not just a color, it’s a feeling. Close your eyes and think of those endless days on the beach: you’ll hear the sounds of the waves, the warmth of the sand, and the coldness of fruity drinks to help you keep up with the heat.

At MandySkin, we mastered summer and worked hard for our TanMist to leave that refreshing scent of coconut for a 360º experience of summer in a bottle! The aroma is subtle enough not to be overwhelming, but will still give you that holiday sensation so longed for during the cold, Winter days.

Whatever you do, protect yourself from the sun

The number 1 rule to follow if you want to tan: avoid direct solar exposure. We know, it sounds like a joke, but there is wisdom in those words. When our mothers used to warn us to protect ourselves from too many hours under the sun, they were onto something: over 80% of skin aging is caused by the sunlight, not to mention the array of skin-health-related problems it can lead to.

With that in mind, remember to wear your sunscreen daily, and opt for safe and healthy alternatives like the Mandy TanMist – the perfect option to obtain the same results without actually staying under UV rays.


We have now spilled all of our secret tips to get a flawless golden glow without moving from home.

In a nutshell, there is one easy way to take all of these steps at once: using an instant sun self-tanner like our Mandy TanMist (*link to the tanmist). Healthy for your skin, responsible with the environment, adaptable to your needs, and quick with the results: it is the perfect tan mist device to get that lightweight, refreshing, glowing summer tan going all year long!

Text written by Lucia Amat