Get your desired glow with the NEW Mandy Hydration Boost Masks

Get your desired glow with the NEW Mandy Hydration Boost Masks

Whether you are looking to revive your skin after a long day, or you want to prepare your skin before a night out, or simply love taking care of yourself…MandySkin is here to provide you with all the necessary tools and knowledge to make the most out of each product!

As seasons change, our skin can be left needing more & more care to resist the dry, cold seasons as well as the hotter, sweatier months. The unpredictable spring weather can cause our skin to suffer, feeling tired and even puffy at times as it adjusts to the very unstable change in temperature coming the new season. The Mandy Instant
Hydration Boost Masks can be just what your skin needs to feel plumped, revived, and hydrated in just 10 minutes!

 No other skincare product works in the same way

Face masks are designed to transform your skin’s appearance after just one application. That is why they are perfect for that instant effect that gives you a refreshed and smooth movie-star complexion in just a few minutes. But not only that! Masks are also ideal to enhance the results of your creams and serums because they have an occlusive effect that boosts the absorption of the ingredients in these products. Finally, they provide your skin with additional active agents that are useful when you need more specific care, such as minimizing excessive redness or providing intense nourishment.

What makes the Mandy Instant Hydration Boost Masks different from the rest?

From the sleek, soft, and pastel-coloured packaging all the way to the final regenerated feel, the whole experience is a 10/10. Well, if you’re as careful with what you feed your skin as we are, you’ll surely be wondering in what way exactly is this mask different from the other thousands of sheet masks on the market? Glad you asked😉

Forget about struggling to open the single mask packaging, no more difficulty trying to force your mask to properly fit or ending up with excess product dripping all over you! The Mandy 3-Pack Instant
Hydration Boost Masks have been carefully designed & tested to give you the best, easiest & most comfortable experience. The pastel soft colors and the sleek & easy opening of the packaging make even the simple act of accessing the mask already feel like an elevated experience.

 When opening a new mask, have you ever found that they don’t quite fit your features?

Maybe the holes for the eyes were close together (or too far apart) causing some product to get into your eyes. Or maybe the whole sheet mask was too small for your face? Not with this one. The Mandy masks sit comfortably and safely on your skin allowing you to fully relax without worrying about any product dripping, or the mask sliding off your face. The Mandy Instant
Hydration Boost Masks you will have a chance to really take your mind off everything & anything for at least a few minutes of your day!

Once the mask has done its magic after 10-15 minutes, you can remove the mask and massage the remaining product into your skin to fully absorb the benefits of the ingredients which were so carefully chosen for optimal results:

1. Peony flower for ELASTICITY.

2. Ceramide for its MOISTURIZING effect.

3. Glycosyl Trehalose for the SOOTHING effect.

Follow-up with your favorite serums and creams (we suggest the Mandy Hyaluronic FaceCream if you are looking to enhance and prolong the face masks hydrating effect) and you are good to go!

 Our studies found that the effects of the formula call for:

· 24% increase in elasticity

· 20% increase in hydration

· 15% increase in brightness

· 26% decrease in redness

 Prepare & Exfoliate

You can always have a quick face-mask session, but for maximum results, we have a few unmissable tips before the application to elevate your 15-minute at-home SPA!

1. To make sure your skin is deeply cleansed of any makeup residue or pollution, gently massage your cleanser into your skin and follow up with the Mandy Rotate Cleanser or the Mandy Dermabrasion to clear your pores, ready to receive the nutritive ingredients of the mask!

2. Once you feel completely cleansed, exfoliate your skin using a gentle but effective exfoliator in order to remove any dead cells which could be acting as a barrier and he nutrients from sinking into your skin and providing the effect desired.

3. At this point, you are clean and clear, ready for application and to find the best results!

With these as the main ingredients, when we say “Instant Hydration Boost” we don’t take the mission lightly. As soon as you remove the mask and gently massage the product into your skin you will immediately feel plumped, soft, and moisturized with the effects lasting minimum the following 24h!


Skincare is essential for maintaining healthy, glowing skin: it helps to keep the skin hydrated, prevent premature aging, and protect it from external factors that can cause damage. By following a simple skincare routine, you can improve your skin’s texture and tone, reduce breakouts, dryness & redness and promote an overall healthier complexion. So, take good care of yourself with just a few simple steps and notice the difference long-term, your skin will thank you!

Written by Giulia Fulvia Fuschi