Design Story: Mandy IPL Pro – From idea to product

Design Story: Mandy IPL Pro – From idea to product

See the work behind our latest device Mandy IPL Pro – as our Product Design Lead Dennis Lindberg takes you through the entire design process – from idea to product.



At MandySkin™, we aim to facilitate everyday beauty for women. By using technology in new and traditional products, we work to make a difference in an industry that has looked the same for a long time.


Mandy IPL Pro
IPL hair removal at home
By making IPL treatments, previously only available in salons, adapted for home use and more affordable – Mandy IPL 2.0 makes IPL hair removal accessible to more people. The product has been designed with care and attention to detail. It has been developed with a focus on the end-user and it’s designed to be the best-looking IPL device on the market, without compromising its quality, performance, or user experience. The result is an at-home IPL hair removal device that is efficient and easy to use. Mandy IPL 2.0 removes irritating hair growth with visible results after only 4 sessions, the final result after 12 sessions. Mandy IPL 2.0 uses a well-proven IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology and can be used on all body parts.


Product Intent
IPL treatments at home, previously only available in expensive salons, isn’t something new. But until today, the price tag of buying a device that has good functionality, performance and usability, still limits the use of IPL treatments to people who can afford it – hence the best part of bringing it from salons to people’s homes goes lost. Our goal is to make IPL treatments accessible to more people. With Mandy IPL 2.0 we have done this by developing a device that is affordable – without compromising its performance, functionality or use


The Design
The design features a form with a smooth curve on the side of the product that gives it a feminine look and an inviting touch. The curve creates an iconic silhouette, an element perfect for brand recognition and differentiation. The top features a double injection molded part with a transparent surface, making the design feel more dynamic, while integrating the flash button perfectly. The grip pad on the bottom cover has been visually separated using a different surface texture and a fake split line. The same texture is repeated on the front of the device, giving the user a nice surface to place against the skin. A textile cable, adorned with an aluminium detail, gives the least pretty part of an electronic device a premium look and feel.


Easy to use – from the very first time
The angled handle allows the device to be held in many different ways, making it pleasant and easy to treat all body parts. The flash button has been positioned for easy reach in all grip positions, and it’s designed to be both visually pleasing and easy to locate using only the sense of touch. The user interface has been designed for a frictionless and easy-to-use experience. It has been divided based on the user workflow. The side of the device features the actions that the user has to do before starting the treatment, while the top features the actions that the user does during the treatment.


Smart skin tone sensors
Two skin tone sensors, located on the front of the device, register the optimal intensity level for the users’ skin, making treatments more efficient and allowing the user to safely treat all body parts.

2 Intensity modes – 5 Intensity levels
Automatic mode with skin tone sensors that determine the optimal intensity level for each user’s skin tone. In Manual mode the user can choose between 5 intensity levels. This gives the user flexibility to adapt the treatment after his/her individual needs.

2 Flash modes
The product features 2 flash modes, Manual and Automatic, to meet the needs of both the user who wants to be in full control, and the user who wants a more effortless experience.


10+ Years durability
Designed for longevity. With a lamp tube life of 300 000 flashes, Mandy IPL 2.0 has approx. 10 years durability when following the recommended treatment plan.


3 Beautiful colors
Mandy IPL 2.0 comes in 3 unique and beautiful colours – Rose, white and black.

Faster treatments
Your entire body in 20 minutes. 1-2 flashes per second/Up to 100 flashes per minute.
A gap between the front and the two main covers facilitates heat dissipation. This, together with the fading vent holes on the bottom cover, ensures an optimal operating temperature, resulting in efficient treatments and a cooler use sensation. The low operating temperature allows the device to work with a short flash interval, which in combination with the large coverage of the flash window, allows the user to treat larger areas in a shorter amount of time.

Designed with care, for you and the environment
The unique packaging, made from molded sugarcane and bamboo pulp, is 100% Recyclable, Renewable & Bio-degradable. It is designed to serve as a stand for the device, adding value for the user during the entire product’s lifecycle, while also minimising the environmental footprint.

Text from Dennis Lindberg, Product Development & Design Lead, MandySkin