Blog Article 1 @Stadtlandmama

Blog Article 1 @Stadtlandmama

MandySkin: Hair removal through light pulses - does it work?

Dear all, we recently introduced the IPL from MandySkin in our Instastories, but we didn't know yet if this really works in the long run with hair removal through light pulses. I mean, how nice would it be to stop cutting yourself or developing stupid red spots while shaving? And the MandySkin can be used not only on the legs or in the armpit, but also, for example, if you want to make your arms smoother or if you have hairs on your face, for example above the upper lip.

No more shaving with Intense Pulse Light: Does it work?

I admit I was a little skeptical about whether this could work. And I also admit that it took me a little longer to see results because I didn't use it thoroughly enough at first. To be honest, I thought I'd just pull the device over my legs and press the light pulse every now and then. But that way I didn't hit all the spots. Then I just used the device to apply light pulses to one piece of skin at a time.

The hair has not completely disappeared, but there is much less stubble and it is noticeably softer and thinner, so I have the feeling that there should definitely be less with the next sessions. By the way, I made a small mistake here too, I thought I should only do a session every three weeks, but once a week would have been correct. I think I would have made much more progress otherwise. You will see results after at least four to a maximum of twelve weeks of use.

You can do the treatment all over your body, but it is recommended to avoid the most intimate and sensitive areas. And of course, you should not put your eyes too close to the flash. Apart from that, there are no warnings or known side effects. It's all very straightforward, and the device was also developed in collaboration with dermatologists. It's the same technology as in salons. You just don't need an appointment and you don't have to go out of the house. With a lifespan of ten years, this is simply a one-time investment instead of a constant cost.

 Hair removal without pain: The use of the Mandy IPL

How does it work in practice? It is best to shave your legs (or wherever you want to use the MandySkin) 24 hours before the application, the skin should also be cleansed. Important: Mandy IPL does not work in combination with self-tanning products (but I don't use them anyway, so perfect for me). Then you take the device, plug it into the socket and press the ON button. It flashes green and you can set how strong the light pulses should be, depending on your skin type. Since I have a rather light skin type, I started with the lowest level. I wanted to feel my way slowly.

And then you can start: When the red indicator lights up, you can press the big button in the middle of the device and the flash begins. That's how it works in manual mode. It can also be automated so that you no longer have to press the button yourself to trigger the light pulse. It simply goes off as soon as you hold the device against the skin. It is important not to treat the same area of skin twice during the same session.

Interview with the makers: What makes the MandySkin so special?

Partly, a warm feeling remains on the processed area, but it is not unpleasant. The light breaks up the hair follicles and thus prevents hair growth directly at the root. That's why it's also good to apply a moisturising body lotion to your skin afterwards. All in all, this is a really simple method with a big impact. But we wanted to know more details, so we asked the makers for an interview:

How exactly does the Intense Pulse Light method work?

When the IPL device makes contact with the body, it emits "light wavelengths" (flash pulses). These are attracted to the hair root, which stands out from the rest of the skin due to its pigmentation or colour. Once the light is absorbed by the hair follicle, it turns into heat and eliminates the cell that produces the hair. By repeating this process, fewer and fewer hair-producing cells are produced in this area, so that the hair no longer grows back. This method targets the origin of the hair growth and eliminates it without any pain.

Hair removal for women that doesn't hurt and is permanent sounds like a dream. How do you explain that there are other products on the market at all?

There is no one-size-fits-all method: every body is different and has its own needs. IPL technology has the advantage of preventing the growth of body hair, so you can have hairless skin for a longer period of time with little maintenance. However, it targets the hair pigment. This means that it does not hurt because only heat affects the hair follicle; however, it also means that the hair must be recognisable from the skin colour, which is not the case for everyone. In addition, there are certainly people who are hesitant at first to use a technology with which they are not yet familiar or who feel more comfortable with traditional means of hair removal.

How often do I need to apply the MandySkin?

You should use it once a week for twelve weeks. The IPL device only works during hair growth, so it is not a good idea to use it more than once a week. After that, it is sufficient to use the IPL device once a month for the first three months and every two to three months thereafter to ensure that the skin remains smooth and hairless. Again, it is important to remember that each body has its own time constraints and the recommended care may vary slightly from case to case.

When do I start seeing results?

The first results are visible after three to four sessions/weeks. Again, it is important to note that this information may vary slightly depending on skin and body hair type. Overall, with regular use, our clients usually achieve full results after twelve weeks.

What exactly distinguishes the MandySkin from other devices with IPL technology?

A client-centred consultative approach. The technology we use has been dermatologically tested to ensure it is 100% reliable. The device has been designed to be specifically for home use, combining innovation, design and feedback from our customers to deliver the best product. What also sets us apart is our focus on delivering a premium beauty experience. From the ergonomic shape and customisable modes to the elegant packaging and detailed user manual, it all contributes to our customers receiving the most luxurious hair removal treatments.

What makes working for MandySkin so special for you?

MandySkin is a company with soul. As a purpose-driven company, all decisions are guided by the idea that "every woman should have access to quality beauty treatments". We on the team feel connected to each other because we share the same vision and values. In addition, MandySkin is also a deeply human and welcoming company: Decisions are made at eye level and with a constant flow of communication between departments. Overall, you feel involved and part of a bigger project - to change the beauty industry for the better.

Our conclusion on the MandySkin

As you can see and hear, the idea is almost too good to be true. Hair removal with the Intense Pulse Light method, which is simply applied at home and by oneself, could also be called a small revolution for the market. I'll definitely stay tuned and even have a second device lying around to give away for Christmas...